We’re excited to announce that we’ve closed a $3.2M Series A fundraising round led by Union Square Ventures. USV brings a huge amount of experience with industry-changing companies, and we’re proud to have them on board.

In the last year, VHX has grown from 2 people and a comedy special into an 8-person team with a solid software platform and dozens of great releases. The filmmakers, distributors, studios, and publishers we’ve worked with have helped shape two simple ideas about the future of premium video distribution:

  • Creators want well-designed websites, control of their own content, and a direct relationship with their audience.

  • Consumers want to watch high-quality videos that are restriction-free and available everywhere, and are happy to pay for it.

Taking a look at each VHX team members’ home media setup is a glaring example of just how complex and fragmented the video experience is: TVs, tablets, game consoles, phones, Chromecasts. The way we discover and watch video is changing every day, and varies wildly from country-to-country.

We are building a publishing platform that helps close these gaps between interest and availability. And our approach introduces new ways to sell content, and allows more people to be involved in that process.

We are looking for beta testers: Filmmakers, distributors, publishers, educators, and moving-picture-creators who want to put the new platform to use. If you’re ready to sell work, we can power your website.

We are looking for new team members: Great people who love videos and are passionate about creating for creators. We are building a watching experience that’s better than Netflix, keeps artists and fans as close as Kickstarter, and empowers publishers as much as Tumblr did for us.

Most importantly, we have free stickers for you: Fill out this form and we’ll put some in the mail.

Thanks for tuning in.