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Ever since we released our shiny new Pay What You Want feature, we’ve gotten great feedback from our publishers. Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage on how it works:

We originally created this feature to give publishers more options for creative selling, and fans more opportunities to support artists’ work. We thought that offering bonus content would be the biggest incentive for fans to pay more than the base price. During the beta, some publishers provided deluxe packages to anyone who paid a certain amount over the purchase price. Our data surprised us.


Customers paid $3.39 over the base price to unlock bonus content, while they they averaged $12.09 over the base price for packages that did not require a particular price to unlock. 

Turns out, you are the incentive. When people pay more to unlock content, like a deluxe package, they are willing to pay what they think the product is worth. When there is no product attached, however, customers must decide how much it is worth to support an artist in whom they believe. That is much stronger motivation.

If bonus content is something you offer (and it should be!) then you should make sure to price it on its own, then add Pay What You Want to let your audience show how much they really care.


Dir. Hisashi SugaiRoots Search: Shokushin buttai X (GIF excerpt), 1986

When you think William Shakespeare you may not immediately conjure visions of a pair of killer robots sent from the future to battle it out. Fortunately, Terminator the Second is here to change that. The full-length filmed stage production takes the plot of Terminator 2: Judgement Day and rescripts the dialogue to be the words of ole Billy Shakes.

The live production featured music by The Protomen and you can buy both the film and the soundtrack together, right now. How do you say “I’ll Be Back” in the King’s English? Only one way to find out…

Your work is great, obviously. That’s why people want to buy it. But did you know that your content might be so unbelievably fantastic that people actually want to pay more than what you charge? Turns out, they do! 

Now VHX audiences have the ability to show their love with our new feature: Pay What You Want.

We’ve found that a third of customers choose to pay more than the purchase price when given the option, so give them that option! Sites typically see an increase of 18% in overall revenue, all because their audience wants to support their work. And if your content is connected to a social issue or charity, customers are likely to give even more.

It’s as easy as setting a base price for your packages and clicking a button. Price your content the right way, then let your audience’s generosity take over!


Who knew a 45° pizza could be so hot? I drew this a while ago, animated in the name of the VHX pizza party / hack day today!

We’re making some cool stuff today. We’re eating some cool pizza, too.


Who knew a 45° pizza could be so hot? I drew this a while ago, animated in the name of the VHX pizza party / hack day today!

We’re making some cool stuff today. We’re eating some cool pizza, too.

"A Classic" -Judd Apatow

Today’s the day! MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS - the documentary that follows filmmaker Tom Berninger as he travels with his brother, lead singer Matt Berninger of The National.

Buy it directly from the band on VHX and get exclusive footage of Matt Berninger making a fool of himself at Tom’s direction. The film is a surprisingly hilarious and poignant look at brotherly love and finding your own way.

Greg Proops made a little bit of history when he performed stand-up at LA’s Musso & Frank Grill for the first time in their 95-year legacy. The video special that emerged from that performance, the aptly named Live at Musso & Frank, is available on VHX and ready for your peepers right now. Watch the trailer and then dive right in