Last week, we launched a brand new admin design for VHX publishers. Some of our fave new features: 

  • A new welcome mat to greet you when you first log in. It’s there to feed you some ideas whether you’re starting out, ready to sell, or just poking around.
  • Help on every page!
  • If you’re working on your site design, you’ve got a full page editor so can see how everything works in real time. 

Log in and poke around. Don’t have an account? Using VHX is free!

Citizen Koch dives deep into the waters of modern political spending. And boy are they murky. This fast-paced doc explores the maneuvering that went into the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, and the super-corporate political landscape that emerged since. According to both Democrats and Republicans profiled in the film, it doesn’t look good for either party. 

Speaking of murky, there was a moment where Citizen Koch itself wasn’t going to happen, due to some strange production dealings. Luckily, the filmmakers took to Kickstarter to crowdfund, and are now distributing directly from their website to citizens everywhere. 

Hot tip: Check out the Special Edition for lots of extra footage, including a conversation with Michael Moore. 

Power up for the weekend. 

VHX Website Themes in Action

If you want to sell video from your own website but you don’t have a website yet, we’ve got you covered (for free). Our website theme editor has a pile of super-customizable themes, all designed specifically for selling premium video. Look! Here’s one. It’s a free theme called GRIDDED. And here’s how a couple publishers have made it their own:

This theme is fun because its design is ayou guessed itgrid of images. The Double Fine Adventure uses this visual layout to give a little taste of each episode of the series, complete with a few GIFs for some action for Double Fine fans.

double fine adventure movie

The DC Shorts Online Film Festival brings over 100 short films from the festival online, featuring many with the stills up top, as well as a full list with thumbnails below. Love the diversity of images on this one!

dc shorts film festival site

Behind-the-scenes of our behind-the-scenes for publishers. The dev team talks about the build for the new Publisher Admin using Foundation

As our codebase grew, adding new features was getting increasingly difficult. Implementation of design elements became less cohesive. Each page was treated inconsistently with the next, leaving a less than optimal user experience. We wanted a way to help combat this pattern. With a new design and styleguide for our application, it was the perfect time to establish a more modular approach.

Try it out: sign up or log in and give it a spin.

Our constant focus has always been to make it as easy as possible for anyone to start selling video straight to their audience. For the past two years, we’ve worked closely with filmmakers and publishers to create the best platform for direct internet distribution…and we were adding and designing as we went. Inevitably, it came time to simplify and optimize. 

Today, we’re thrilled to launch a brand new Publisher Admin. Our creative director Chad Pugh says, “We were able to learn from so many smart filmmakers who helped us improve the whole experience.” We’ve streamlined the video publishing process and made it easier to navigate. We’ve integrated tons of help and guidance, because we’ve seen that education is really important for our users’ success. We’ve optimized for mobile so publishers can ogle their stats and sales data on the go. The new Publisher Admin is built for all types of publishers, whether they’re selling video, or just using free features — sending screeners, building websites, maintaining a mailing list, or otherwise.

"We built the new Publisher Admin for maximum dev and design efficiency, so we can ship more features, faster — and better — than before," said VHX co-founder Casey Pugh. "Which is good, because we have some seriously big new features in the pipeline."


Theme editor!


Bob Moczydlowsky has great thoughts in this talk, complete with a Maya Angelou/Kid Rock philosophical mashup. How can artists ‘think like a fan’? 

"It means taking a look at your new creative work and finding the very best part of itthe part that’s the most amazing, that you believe is the most valuableand giving that part to fans for as low as price as possible, oftentimes free. And at the same time, these artists also make sure that their work is accessible and easily shared by fans, on any device they choose.”

Fans want to feel like they’re part of something. Welcome them!

Share your project securely with VHX Screeners

Fun fact: 90% of our publishers use Screeners. That’s… a really high percentage. We know video-makers need to send out copies of their work all the time so we made this feature super simple, integrated directly into the VHX platform.

You can use Screeners to email individual recipients with secure, time-limited, streaming-only links to your project. Whether or not you’re ready to release it to the masses, use it to build buzz. Send a protected, streaming version of your project to cast and crew, press, film festivals, that neighbor who lent you an extension cord — anyone. It’s the best way to share a sneak peek. 

Check out a demo or learn the intimate details here.

Sell globally, y’all

Your audience is everywhere. People in Malaysia are watching Indie Game: The MovieBet Raise Fold is popular in the Czech Republic, and viewers in the United Arab Emirates are lol’ing at Aziz Ansari

Luckily, the world wide web is global too. With VHX, anyone with an Internet connection + a credit card or PayPal account can buy your videos. So make it available everywhere!

What We’re Watching

For your weekend watching pleasures, here’s what some VHXers are viewing on their Internet tubes. Some oldies AND goodies:

The Ecstasy of Order: Because video game documentaries featuring a fervent love for NES Classics and a gentle champion named Thor should be beloved.

Helvetica: Being a word nerd and a brand geek never felt so good.

Seventh Gay AdventistSad. Touching. Makes you resent silly conservative points of view re: sexual orientation.

Blue Ruin: Kinda blew me away.